I started my degree in November 2016.i I was given 4 options to choose for the degree. First from my thoughts, I want to choose Game Development (GD), because I love programming and gaming. I used to think GD is all about playing games. Later I found, it is not about playing games at all. It is about how to build up a games that consist of the gameplay, system in a game, and all specification in a game. So now I want to do it, but I think I cant keep up to the challenge, and now I choose Information System which is more to memorizing and reading all parts of the computer and component.

So now i want to talk about my first semester in degree. Firstly, degree is a journey  or a path for a student to complete before enter real-life working. So all student must focus and compete each other.
Last semester I took 4 subjects, 2 of it which are major core and the other 2 are elective subjects. The core subjects are Computational Methods and Computer Architecture & Organization. 
Computational Methods are more to computing calculus which I good in mathematics.
This subject is easy to understand if you are just listening the lecture but hard to implement it. You must keep study and do more exercise.So my understandable rate for this subject is 4 out of 5.
The other core subject is Computer Architecture & Organization. This subject is focusing more about component in the computer such as what is in the processor, how processor working and etc.
Another things about this subject is I have learned some 2nd generation programming language. It is about human communicate with computer using 1 and 0 binary bit. Computer only understand 1 and 0 binary bit only. Assembly Language is an example of 2nd generation programming language. The Asembly is using 8085 simulator. So I tought this subject is easy but its totally diffrent from what I expected to do.
My understandable rate about this subject is 3 out of 5.