Hello. My name is Muhammad Shafiq Bin Shamsul Bahry. 
Im 21 years old this May.
About my family, i have one big happy family. I have 3 siblings and i am the eldest.
I am now continuing my first year degree in Multimedia University Cyberjaya after proudly finish my diploma in Computer Science. Before i start talking about my degree, i want to talk about what i have learnt in diploma for all this 2 years and 3 months. 

My diploma was good.  I can maintain my CGPA 3.00 and above thanks to my family morals support, Lecturers and my friends. So far all the subjects i have learn in diploma quite hard to score especially Prob Stats & Internet /Web Publishing. Else, i can understand it. My favorite subjects is Program Design which is the most subject i love, next is Object Oriented Program, Java Application and Mathematical Technique. 
All this subject i can understand.