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I started my degree in November 2016.i I was given 4 options to choose for the degree. First from my thoughts, I want to choose Game Development (GD), because I love programming and gaming. I used to think GD is all about playing games. Later I found, it is not about playing games at all. It is about how to build up a games that consist of the gameplay, system in a game, and all specification in a game. So now I want to do it, but I think I cant keep up to the challenge, and now I choose Information System which is more to memorizing and reading all parts of the computer and component.

So now i want to talk about my first semester in degree. Firstly, degree is a journey  or a path for a student to complete before enter real-life working. So all student must focus and compete each other. Last semester I took 4 subjects, 2 of it which are major core and the other 2 are elective subjects. The core subjects are Computational Methods and Computer Architecture & Organization.  Computati…

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